When you start making an outdoor lighting plan, you may find it difficult to choose where to install each lighting fixture and which fixture to use, it might be a little bit tricky to reach the best landscape lighting solution, but with few steps You may be able to plan the outdoor lighting design you need easily.

Most important points when designing an outdoor lighting plan

To be able to start your design you better follow those points for the best garden light selection process:

·         Dividing the landscape into main zones (zoning)

·         Choosing the lighting effect, you need

·         Selecting fixtures according to installation method

Following those steps will help you choose the best fixture whether it was lawn light, ground light, porch light, or any outdoor yard light, according to zone, effect and installation, it will simplify the outdoor lighting design and it will help you choose the right garden light.

inground lighting


Any landscape design consists of main spaces:

1.       lawn spaces, bollard lights are most suitable to light open lawn spaces

2.       pathways, which can be lit by ground lights or bollards as well

3.       trees or specific elements, usually garden spot lights are used for this type

4.       elevations, wall lights are mostly used to light vertical surfaces

5.       water facilities (pools, fountains), all types of underwater lighting types can be used for this type of lighting

each space has specific type of fixtures to be used in, some types can be used in more than one zone for sure a certain type of lighting can be used for more than one zone lighting.

landscape areas zoning drawing

Lighting effect

Choosing the lighting effect for the zone goes hand in hand with zoning stage, the selection and application of several lighting effects will create the lighting ambience you need, lighting effects vary according to the lightened target, the lighting area and the beam angle ,main outdoor lighting effects are ,graze lighting which is provided usually by recessed wall lights , spot lighting mostly by garden spot lights , up lighting which we get by using inground lights , and free lighting ,bollard lights are used for free lighting

garden lighting solutions


Each type of garden lights has its installation method which follows the zone or location, and choosing the light fixture follows the installation way as well it can be:

·         recessed as outdoor porch lights flush mount

·         wall mounted as wall lights

·         free standing as walkway bollard lights

·         ground recessed as recessed drive way lights

 it’s very important to determine the installation way while selecting the lighting fixtures for each zone.

installation types for outdoor lighting