Lighting can change any place and make the mood you want by using the suitable lighting type such as General lighting, Accent light and Task lighting.

In this article we will help you to know more how to add style and drama to a space and how to highlight special features by using the aesthetic lighting type which called Accent lighting

Accent Lighting Definition

Accent lighting, also called highlighting emphasizes objects by focusing light directly on them. Intended to highlight a specific object or area, accent lights are typically three times as bright as ambient lights. Accent lighting draws attention to a feature, such as artwork, furnishings or architectural details, converting them into focal points. Adjustable fittings are preferred for this type of lighting, as they allow precision focusing on small areas or objects.

Accent Lighting

How to light your space with Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting differs from the other types of lighting in that its primary objective is aesthetic, creating a point of interest for the viewer. It adds style and drama to a space by directional fixtures. These fixtures should be located close to the object they illuminate. Avoid direct and reflected glare by using proper mounting locations and aiming angles.

Best accent lighting is usually created by different types of lighting using fixtures with narrow beam angles.

Accent Lighting

The main six types of Accent lighting fixtures

There are different kinds of lights can give you the accent lighting effect. We recommend using the best accent lamps as below:

  • Directional Spotlights with narrow beam angle such as Arco
  • Track light that can be directed with wide rotation degree such as Estra
  • Wall lights to feature locations such as an entrance, you can use Aynor wall light
  • Wall-mounted picture lights to highlighting artwork such as Leora
  • Garden spotlight to provide concentrated lighting on specific outdoor elements such as Falco
  • Inground light to highlight and feature path ways such as Almas
Accent Lighting