When it comes to outdoor lighting selecting, we may come across a very wide range of garden lights from bollard lights to pathway lights, ground lights and garden spotlights, each type has its specs and best locations to be used in some are used as porch lights others as lawn lights or even as lights for industrial lighting such as led wall packs and led bulkheads, in this article we summarize the most important outdoor yard lights that are used commonly. 

Wide open spaces

When choosing garden lights for wide spaces, we usually go with lights which spread light in all directions for large areas Whether it was lawn lights or outdoor wall lights, for example we use bollard lights such as Hero which is a round bollard or Avalon for outdoor yard lights as they are among the best pathway lights, or we can use high power wall pack lights such as Safi to light large vertical surfaces, or we can use Delta as an outdoor ceiling light or porch light.

bollard lights

Concentrated lighting

To light smaller areas, we go with the garden light which concentrates light and cover more narrow spaces Garden spotlights as Falco is a great choice to light up trees outdoor, ground lights as Daleel are usually used for driveway lights on ground and they are used as pathway lights as well, outdoor wall lights can also be used for narrow lighting beams such as Carre, and Jema which is an outdoor porch lights flush mount.   

garden spotlighting

What you need to know before selecting garden lights

Between all those types of garden lights you can choose the right light for you by:

  •   choosing the atmosphere, to reach the best landscape lighting you desire.
  •   area size.
  •   The lighting effect.
  •   The  design of the light.

those are the major factors which determines the types of garden lights you must go with knowing that there is a lighting type for each outdoor lighting application you might need.

inground lighting

Different lights, Different moods

Applying different types of garden lights to the same space can change the ambience of the space dramatically, a collection of lights can make the atmosphere more romantic, dramatic, or soft as the below image shows

different moods