Tunable-white lighting is a popular trend in both commercial and residential LED lighting. It is a groundbreaking type of lighting that technically combines multiple lighting sources. LED developers and the community alike have obviously taken an interest in how we as humans interact with the light around us.

Tunable - White Lighting

According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, white tunable lighting is “The ability to control a light source’s color temperature output.” Manufacturers have achieved this innovation by combining LEDs of different color temperatures into single LED bulbs or strips. By controlling them, you can then shift (or “tune”) the color temperature within the fixture. 

Tunable White Lighting

The Tune Process - Different Color Temperatures

Tunable white LED lighting allows us to stick to our natural circadian rhythm by giving us that range of lighting in either our homes or workplace. During the day you can have 6000K (cool white) to remain alert and productive and when you are ready to relax for the night you can decrease CCT to closer to 3000K (warm white), This helps naturally release the melatonin to help you sleep.

Color temperature scale

Where to Fit Tunable lighting?

Because tunable white LED lighting can improve people’s moods, it fits anywhere that people’s moods come into play. Retail environments, schools, and healthcare settings are the most obvious places where tunable white LED lighting would serve clear and immediate purposes, but in offices too, tunable white LED lighting is making a difference – not only helping people to feel happier and more comfortable but also enhancing productivity levels across teams, motivating people to work harder and to think more creatively.

Tunable lighting

Tunable Light Innovations

Tunable white LED lighting is poised to fundamentally alter our relationship with lighting. We are looking beyond the “on/off” switch and thinking about everything we have ever wanted lighting to be. If you have dreamed about a lighting system that accounted for your vision within your home, office, restaurant, classroom, hotel, or retail location, tunable white LED lighting is for you.