Usually when you buy a garden up lighting or pole lamps devices for example,you may notice the the phrase IP56 waterproof or water resistant ip67 written on the light label on the device this means that the lights are water and dust resistant and had gone under the ip67 waterproof test and is suitable to use in unpredictable environments like outdoor lights or special lights like industrial light fittings and shower light fixtures

Why we use high IP lighting fixtures?

Lighting designers often use high IP rate lights usually for porch lights and other applications as architectural lighting and façade lighting instead of using standard lights we use IP67 water proof lighting fixtures for most of outdoor lights or industrial light fittings for example wall pack lights as safi ,those lights are sealed and protected against water and dust so they have long service life and great performance under weather conditions and other factors in industrial spaces and factories and they cover all lighting types as well

IP description

Where to use high IP rating lights

High ip lights are used in spaces where it may get wet or be affected by dust or sand and used for all Lighting types , mostly up lighting devices such as ALMAS and LUZ for garden lighting and other industrial and façade lighting applications as we all know sodium vapor lamps were used for outdoor lighting bust since the invention of the light emitting diode fixtures high IP rate was applied on all those lights    

outdoor wall lights

A guide where to use high IP lights according to application

IP rating  suggested application  Example 
 IP44 Kitchen lights  Dita 
IP54 Step lights  Jema -Khatwa 
IP65 Bollard lights -industrial lighting  Hero-Porcini
IP67 Garden uplights  Tuscan-Joman
IP68 Underwater lights  Ampar-Aquamarine

Obtaining high IP rating in fixtures

When making the light lighting material and finishing plays a major role in obtaining high IP rate in the manufacturing stage several elements are added to give the light higher water and dust resistance Those elements help to seal the light body more and protect the internal parts from getting affected by water, vapor or sand, as the next slide shows those parts and how they are installed inside a standard high IP garden Up light


water resistant inground light

What makes light fixtures high IP rate

Below are the main parts that helps make the light with high IP and seal the light against water and dust 

inground light anatomy